Breast Augmentation

Full and firm breasts give a modern women reassurance and self-confidence while boosting her psychology. When medical proof was provided that silicon implants have no effects on health, the breast augmentation procedure became one of the most popular procedures worldwide. Breast augmentation involves two implant types: silicon and saline. Both types are equally safe. The size of implants mainly depends on the wish of the patient but also on her body type, i.e. the chest diameter, the distance of the nipples from the inframammary fold, the natural size of her breasts etc. Moreover, some implants may also increase or decrease in volume after surgery. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that delivers a high rate of satisfaction.


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Which is the right age for a woman to be submitted to breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation must be performed after the age of 18. The procedure boosts the young woman’s self-confidence and has positive effects on her personal and social life. At a later age and after parturition, breast augmentation can give breasts the same volume as before breast feeding and simultaneously lift the mammary gland, when ptosis is limited. There is no maximum age limit for breast augmentation.

Is there any risk to a woman’s health after a breast augmentation procedure?

There is no risk to a woman’s health after a breast augmentation procedure that would be relevant to the use of silicon implants. Of course, we always advise our patients to seek monitoring by a gynaecologist or breast specialist while modern scanning techniques (mammography, ultrasound) allow for accurate diagnosis of various conditions of the breast following the use of silicon implants. However, we do not advise their use by women who wish to undergo breast reconstruction following tumour treatment.

Where is the incision for implant placement made?

Regardless of the selected area (inframammary fold, areola mammae, armpit), the incision does not exceed 4cm in length and 2mm in width. This incision is sufficient for an experienced Plastic Surgeon to place the silicon implant in the right position inside the breast.

How visible on the skin is the incision made for inserting the breast implant?

The incision is described as a thin red line under the breast while its quality is subject to skin type, correct adherence to post-operative guidelines and the use of special healing creams. The line fades away with time while it is covered by the implant when performed on the inframammary fold.

Are all breast implants the same?

Not all breast implants are the same. There are better quality implants (which are more expensive) and lower quality implants. The final result depends on the technique used by the Plastic Surgeon as well as the type of implant used. The most advanced breast implants contain a thick silicon gel and have a textured surface (cohesive breast implants). FDA-approved breast implants are the safest to use.

When is a breast augmentation procedure considered successful?

When symmetry between the two breasts is achieved and when the size of the breast is in harmony with the patient’s body. During palpation, the breast must also be soft and must not feel fake.

When is the final result visible after this particular procedure?

The final result is usually visible immediately after the procedure while the feeling and touch of the breast improves gradually within the first three months after surgery.

Are there any special precautions that a woman must take after breast augmentation surgery?

Following the three first weeks after surgery, the patient may resume all her daily activities without any particular restrictions. She may return to work 5 days after surgery.

How often must a breast implant be replaced?

Breast implants do not have an expiration date. All renowned manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee to all their breast implants

Is hospitalisation necessary?

Hospitalisation is usually not required unless the doctor deems otherwise, depending on the case.

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