Breast Lift

The female breast, a symbol of femininity and fertility, is a part of the body that all women wish to preserve and keep at the right height. However, as time goes by, breasts loose their elasticity and firmness and of course are affected by the law of gravity.


Woman displaying the surgical guidelines marked out by the surgeIt is known that many women are not happy with their breasts’ appearance, not because of their size but because of laxity and ptosis (droopiness). This is a result of either the woman’s age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breast feeding or hereditary factors . Thus, a woman’s breast may change in size or quality, due to one or more of the above factors. Breast lift or mastopexy aims at improving the shape, size and structure of female breasts. It can be performed separately while it is often combined with the use of silicon implants that give extra volume and contribute to better maintaining the procedure’s result. Also, a breast lift may often be combined with a restriction of the area around the nipple if this is considered extremely large. In cases of small, ptotic breasts, the lift is combined with volume reconstruction with the use of silicon implants. However, in case of larger, ptotic breasts the use of implants is not necessary.

How painful can a breast lift be?

This particular procedure is almost painless when performed correctly.

Can a breast lift affect breast feeding and nipple sensibility?

When the procedure is performed by an experienced and cautious plastic surgeon, the possibilities of a problem developing in relation to the woman’s ability to breast feed and the nipple’s sensitivity are very limited.

How long will the results of this procedure last and when is the aesthetioc result considered satisfactory?

The aesthetic result is considered to be satisfactory when, after surgery, the distances between the top of the stern and the two nipples, as well as the distance between the two nipples are equal, i.e. when a equilateral triangle is formed. Breasts take their final shape approximately six months after surgery and if no significant weight fluctuation takes place, this shape is maintained for many years after surgery.

How bad will the scars be and where will they be found?

Post-operative scars are found around and below the nipple as well as in the inframammary fold. If the patient is not an active smoker and the surgeon is very cautious during suture, scars will be minimised after some months.

Which is the right age for a woman to be submitted to this procedure?

A woman may submitted to this particular procedure after the age of 18. There is no maximum age limit, if no severe health condition exists.

How safe is this procedure when performed on active smokers?

Fully refraining from smoking for at least three weeks is a prerequisite for safely submitting a patient to a breast lift. In any other case, the patient is in high risk of delayed incision healing.

Should the patient be hospitalised?

Hospitalisation is not necessary unless the doctor deems otherwise.

When is the result of this surgical procedure considered satisfactory?

The aesthetic result of this particular procedure is considered satisfactory, when it appears so natural that one is unable to tell of the plastic surgeon’s intervention. An experienced plastic surgeon will always keep a gallery that will demonstrate the quality of his work.

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