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Most of us today feel the need of maintaining our youth or improving our image. What sets the right time for a face lift is not age, but appearance and the way we feel when the first signs of face aging appear. Quite often, what makes us take a closer look at our face in the mirror are the repeated comments of our own people saying we look tired. This is when we notice that the nasomalar lines have deepened (extending from the lower side of the nose to the sides of the mouth) and that the skin on the cheeks or neck is saggy. Even the cheekbone area often looks wrinkled and aged, contributing to the “sad” and tired look. Although not all people are worried about the first signs of face aging, more and more men and women turn to cosmetic plastic surgery to regain their firmness and freshness.


facelift3simeiwn_athensPhysiologists’ research has shown that facelift is a procedure preferred by patients who have high self-esteem and who wish to maintain their wellbeing and good physical condition. For this category of people, facelift is just another way to let their inner energy show, improve their image and feel they have control of their life.

The right time for a facelift depends on many factors. First of all, you must really need it. In Athens-Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery we perform the so-called custom-made facelift. After an extended and detailed face analysis, Dr. Athanasiou, Plastic Surgeon, suggests the best possible solution that is in full harmony with your facial characteristics, thus creating a truly lifted, rejuvenated and not “pulled” face, using a wide range of available surgical techniques which he may personalise depending on the case. Because no technique can feet all faces.



What is the recovery time after surgery?

With modern atraumatic techniques, surgery takes place under local anaesthesia and the patient may resume daily activities without dealing with obvious ecchymosis and swelling.

Is the procedure painful?

The particular procedure is almost painless for the patient both during and after surgery.

Is it safe for a smoker to undergo this particular surgical procedure?

Fully refraining from smoking for at least 3-4 weeks is a prerequisite for submitting a smoker to this particular surgical procedure.

Do all facelift techniques have the same aesthetic result?

Facelift techniques with long-term and natural results that do not alter the characteristics of the face, are those in which a plastic surgeon goes further than just removing saggy skin, correcting face and neck laxity by pulling the tissues underneath the skin.

How long does a facelift result last?

The duration of the result depends on the surgical technique and skills of the plastic surgeon, as well as on the patient’s skin quality, his/her exposure to solar radiation, smoking, sudden weight fluctuations, etc. However, after surgery, tissues are brought back to the stage in which they were several years ago and the aging process on the face continues at a slower pace, compared to if the patient had not been submitted to the procedure.

Which is the right age for a facelift procedure?

Face-lift is performed when signs of laxity appear on the face and neck. The right time depends on when the aging signs appear and on the degree at which a person gets familiar with these sings.

Is there a non-surgical procedure that can replace the facelift results?

No. There is no equipment of any kind (laser, ultrasound, etc) or any other method that can give the same results as a facelift.

Is hospitalisation necessary?

Hospitalisation for 24 hours is advised for precautionary purposes and for better control of the patient’s post-operative condition.

When is the result of this surgical procedure considered satisfactory?

The aesthetic result of this particular surgical procedure is considered satisfactory if the face that has been lifted and rejuvenated appears as natural as possible and not “pulled” and, also, if the face looks relaxed without any evident signs of the plastic surgeon’s interference. An experienced doctor will always keep a gallery that will demonstrate the quality of his work.

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