Hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment in men and women with autologous mesotherapy

Autologous mesotherapy uses blood plasma, rich in platelets and white blood cells, to treat hair thinning on the head. The dermatologist proceeds with blood sampling and places the syringe with the blood in the centrifugal device for plasma separation. He then enhances the plasma with specially processed nucleotides. The resulting mixture is infused in the targeted area with a very thin needle. The procedure is painless.

Plasma takes up 55% of total blood volume and contains red and white blood cells, platelets, proteins, various nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes while it contributes to their circulation around the body. Two of the plasma’s ingredients that are of value to the autologous mesotherapy for hair loss treatment are cytokines (proteins regulating development, differentiation and immune response) and growth factors. Growth factors will restore the lesion and malfunction of the tissues and will support tissue re-growth and restoration. The cells on the problematic area are thus multiplied.

Malfunctioning hair follicles are deactivated allowing new hair to grow and existing hair to regain strength and grow thicker and longer.

The degree of hair loss as well as the patient’s age shall determine the number of sessions. Autologous treatment targets all hair-loss problems whether hereditary, or due to nervous conditions or chemotherapy. The method is applied exclusively by dermatologists specialised in autologous hair mesotherapy.


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