Hands anti-aging

Aging is a natural and unstoppable procedure that is not limited to the face but involves all parts of the body, including the hands.

“In ΑΒΗ Medical Group we target the hand-aging problem with a number of modern drastic treatments, depending on the extent and type of problem.”

Our hands in particular, compared to any other part of our body, are, from the day we are born, subject not only to the natural aging process but also to all harming environmental conditions and daily habits (solar radiation, pollutants, chemical substances, smoking, dehydration, excessive use etc). With time, the fatty tissue underneath the skin of the hands becomes thinner, the veins and tendons are visible, and the skin looses its volume.

It is therefore easily understood that when cosmetic procedures are limited to face rejuvenation, the difference between the rejuvenated face and the “aged” hands will appear even bigger.

“In ΑΒΗ Medical Group we address the hand-aging problem with a number of modern drastic treatments, depending on the extent and type of problem.”

Radiesse™ treatment

The upper part of the hands (back of the hand) is a tough area, where intervention is difficult. The Radiesse™ treatment is a new injection treatment which involves filling-up wrinkles and reinstating volumetric loss in saggy and “empty-looking” areas of the hands. It is a soft filling material that contains microspheres of hydroxyapatite (inorganic calcium-containing salts) suspended in a water-content gel carrier acting as a support system underneath the epidermis and activating the patient’s own, natural collagen. Therefore, even when Radiesse decomposes, the newly-produced collagen will remain. This way the treatment has a prolonged impact and the initial result lasts longer. Apart from the hand area, Radiesse™ yields good results in facial volume increase and contour restoration.

Hydrate™ treatment

HYDRATE is a brand-new category of natural hyaluronic acid, non-crosslinked. This is a clinically tested treatment that effectively replaces your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels that have decreased overtime causing your skin to appear worn-out, wrinkled, rough and lacking its youthful colour and glow. HydrateTM is specially designed for precise infusion underneath the skin’s surface to improve hydration and protect (thanks to its 0.9% content of mannitol) against daily wear due to environmental factors that produce free radicals. The skin obtains a rejuvenated, natural glow and regains its elasticity, rosy colour and youthful appearance. This treatment is also indicated for the face, neckline and neck.


Radiesse™ treatment

Will I see the result of the Radiesse™ treatment straightaway and how long will it last?

The result is immediate and may last for 12-18 months. In younger, non-smoking patients, results may last up to two years.

Who are eligible for the Radiesse™ treatment?

People with old and tired-looking hands with visible veins are good candidates. These problems mostly affect elder women, but also athletic and very thin women may also need treatment.

How many cycles will I need to complete my Radiesse™ treatment?

Most patients are satisfied with one treatment cycle only. In cases of greater problems a second cycle can be performed 2-3 months after.

Is the Radiesse™ treatment painful? Where is the treatment performed?

The Radiesse™ treatment is performed during your short visit at Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group & Athens Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. The application of the material is performed in combination with the use of local anaesthesia to minimize discomfort. The patient may resume his/her activities as of the next day.

Are there any side-effects?

Any side-effects such as oedema, numbing or temporary local sensitivity are due to the injections for the application of the material and not the treatment itself.

Is the new Radiesse™ treatment considered successful?

Clinical trials have shown that the natural results of the treatment are preserved for one year or more in many patients. This is why more and more plastic surgeons and dermatologists choose this treatment to restore volumetric loss on the hands.

Hydrate treatment

How exactly is the Hydrate treatment performed? Is it a painful procedure?

As in any case of hyaluronic acid application in cosmetic surgery, Ηydrate is also an injectable treatment. It is injected into the skin with the thinnest needles available, causing minimum discomfort. Recovery is instant and the patient may resume activities on the same day.

Who are eligible for the Hydrate treatment?

Hydration of the hands has no age restrictions. The condition of the skin and the effects of the sun are significant factors. The Ηydrate method is mainly addressed to women over the age of 38. However, in of facial treatments, women over the age of 30 are also good candidates.

How many sessions will I need?

3 to 5 sessions are necessary, depending on the extent of the problem and aiming at long-lasting results.

How long will results last?

From 8 months to 1 year, depending on the depth and extent of the problem.a

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