Mid Face

Another characteristic of face aging is the increase of the distance between the tear trough and the lower eyelid. This creates a “sagging” appearance of the face, while the nasomalar groove deepens.


This can be either the effect of time, or the result of hereditary factors. The treatment for a sagging midface tissue involves a technique called Midface lift or Star lift, (since it is very popular among Hollywood stars). Performed with an endoscope and involving many small and imperceptible incisions on the temporal area, this technique achieves midface lifting and creates a firm and younger looking face. The distance between the lower eyelid and the malar area is reduced. The nasomalar folds are lifted. The mouth angle is slightly lifted and in general, sagging of the face is eliminated. The patient’s face looks younger and is free of scars and sings of aging. The procedure is performed both on mature as well as younger patients depending on the rate of sagging that is also related to biological and hereditary factors.

What is the recovery time after surgery?

With modern atraumatic techniques, surgery takes place under local anaesthesia and the patient may soon resume his/her daily activities while any ecchymosis and swelling shall gradually subside within 15 days or one month after surgery.

Is the procedure painful?

The particular procedure is almost painless for the patient both during and after surgery.

Is it safe for a smoker to undergo this particular surgical procedure?

Fully refraining from smoking for at least 3-4 weeks is a prerequisite for submitting a smoker to this particular surgical procedure.

How long does the Midface lift result last?

The duration of the result depends on the surgical technique, as well as on the patient’s skin and tissue quality, his/her exposure to solar radiation, smoking, sudden weight fluctuations, etc. However, after surgery the aging process on the face continues at a much slower pace compared to if the patient had not been submitted to the procedure.

Which patients are most eligible for a Midface lift?

Midface lift is usually performed at a younger age when laxity and ptosis of the midface is observed while the neck and the oval shape of the face are maintained at a relevantly good stage.

Is hospitalisation necessary?

Hospitalisation for 24 hours is recommended for precautionary purposes and for better control of the patient’s post-operative condition. With modern atraumatic techniques, surgery takes place under local anaesthesia and the patient may resume his daily activities without dealing with obvious ecchymosis and swelling.

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