Penis Enlargement

The lengthening procedure aims at stretching outwards the part of the penis that is inside the body. 1/3 of the penis is inside the pelvis. To achieve protrusion of the inner part further outwards, the ligaments that hold the body of the penis attached to the public bone are released.

An incision is made on the pubic hair area. No incisions are made on the penis. In obese patients a better result is achieved when lengthening is combined with simultaneous liposuction in the abdomen. Length gain cannot be estimated before surgery. The usual increase is two to two-and-a-half centimetres in flaccid state, while there are cases where length gain can reach up to five centimetres. The lengthening rate in the state of erection is relatively slightly smaller.

The duration of the procedure is 60 to 90 minutes under local or general anaesthesia. One overnight stay at the hospital is recommended while the patient should take one week’s leave from work. Sexual activity is forbidden for approximately 40 days. The lengthening procedure does not affect the functionality of the penis as to urination and erection, while the erection angle is slightly modified and is closer to horizontal.

Can a man’s perception of the size of his penis, even if this is normal, affect his relations with his sex partners and colleagues?

It is possible.

Can self-confidence, self-respect and appreciation of a man’s abilities be affected by the “adequacy” of his genitals?


Although surgical penis enlargement improves a man’s confidence, if other personality issues exist should they be treated too in order for the overall quality of life to be improved?

Of course.

Are the risks and complications of the technique you use for length and girth augmentation with lipodermal grafts limited or significant?

They are quite limited.

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