Tattoo Removal

If you feel it is time to get rid of a tattoo, we now have the solution. Modern lasers are here to erase all that you want to leave in the past. Tattoos fade away leaving no signs at all. The results are highly satisfactory. The degree of difficulty depends on the number of colours and the technique used when the tattoo was made.


How do these particular lasers work?

Q – Switched YAG laser produces a beam that is absorbed only by the pigment colour of the tattoo. The pigment is broken down in microscopic particles that are eliminated from the patient’s body since they are absorbed by phagocytes in the blood. In other words, the patient’s body is forced to excrete the pigment that is considered a foreign substance to the skin.

How long does a tattoo removal session with Q – Switched YAG laser last?

The duration of the treatment is usually 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo.

Is the treatment painful?

The patient feels slight hits on the surface of the skin. These are usually painless and no local anaesthetic is required.

ΠWhat is the condition of the skin straight after treatment?

The area of the skin with the tattoo becomes slightly swollen after treatment and small crusts may develop. With the use of the appropriate antibiotic ointment, skin irritation quickly subsides and the pigment colour fades away within four weeks.

How many are the necessary sessions?

This depends on the pigment quantity and how deep it was applied. Amateur tattoos usually require two to four sessions with one month interval while professional tattoos may require six to eight sessions or some times more.

Can a tattoo be completely removed from the skin?

In many cases, yes. Blue, black and red tattoos are easier to remove while green tattoos take longer to fade away so more treatments may be required. Yellow pigments are also not responding well to treatment. Some times, tattoo pigment may be applied so deep into the skin that the body is unable to excrete it completely. However, with treatment the tattoo pigment may fade to a significant degree.

Is it possible for a Q – Switched YAG laser treatment to leave scars on the skin?

The use of this special type of laser greatly reduces – but does not eliminate – the possibility of hypertrophic scars.

Does this particular treatment require some recovery time?

No. The patient may resume daily activities straight after treatment.

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