Anastasia M., 45 years old

Lately, I could see that aging sings on my face where becoming more and more evident. Forehead wrinkles and nasomalar lines had deepened, while I was seeing an overall laxity on skin and contour of my face. I care about my appearance, not only for professional reasons but also because I want to feel good about myself. This is why I started considering a face lift. After some research, I visited Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to find out more and answer some of my questions. Dr. Athanasiou explained the entire procedure straight from the beginning, mentioning all stages before and after surgery. He showed me some of his previous cases and we had a conversation that made me feel more secure and certain about my decision. Two weeks after surgery I returned to work. The result looked absolutely normal and I was completely satisfied with my look as well as the flattering comments from my family, friends and colleagues.

Vassiliki K., 36 years old

For me, my breasts are the most important part of my body. However, after two pregnancies, breast feeding and weight fluctuations, my breasts were no longer firm. And this was very annoying for me both when I was out in the public, e.g. at the beach during the summer, and in my private life. The truth is that I had thought of a breast lift many times, but I started to consider having one when I saw the difference in one of my relatives. She had the same problem and, as she had told me, she was determined to do something about it. I was impressed with the result. When I asked her which doctor she had visited, she talked to me about Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. For me, the best guarantee was the example of my relative and that was enough to make me proceed with the same operation. I am now very happy with my choice because not only do my breasts look firmer but also because this change has significantly boosted my self-confidence.

Dimitra A. 39 years old

I find that my face is in general in a good state. However, I had some marks I didn’t like such as thin lines and patches caused by the sun, while I felt that my skin had lost its glow. I had read about non-invasive methods that rejuvenate the skin and do not require home rest, since my professional duties do not allow me to stay away from work. In Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery I was informed about face resurfacing with laser and how this technology contributes in increasing collagen production through fibroblasts stimulation. Although the difference was already visible from the first session, when the treatment was over, after 5 sessions, my skin looked smoother, younger and flawless. In my opinion, this method is ideal for women who want to rejuvenate their face but, for their own reasons, cannot undergo surgery.

Katerina K., 37 years old

I have had bags under my eyes since a very young age. As time was passing, I noticed that the shape of my eyes had started to change as well. They were becoming rounder. I felt I had to do something to improve my appearance. I visited Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, where I was informed that blepharoplasty is the number one procedure against aging performed on middle-aged women. After I was told about the procedure and saw photos of other cases, I decided to proceed with surgery, since I felt confident about my decision. I was very pleased because the aesthetic result was very natural and I received very good comments from my family and friends.

Aggeliki P., 28 years old

Although I never had any particular problems with my weight, I belonged to the category of women with “thigh fat”. This affected not only my appearance but also my psychology. I knew that liposuction was the only solution in my case. However, I was hesitant since I had read that the removal of a large quantity of adipose tissue causes laxity and “waves” in the area. While doing my research, I visited the website of Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery where I read about the method applied by Dr. Athanasiou. After discussing with the doctor, I decided to proceed with liposuction and I am truly happy for this decision and the result that has changed my appearance, and, without any exaggeration, my life.

Eleni M., 42 years old

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed that the sings of aging on my face were becoming more and more intense, mostly the nasomalar lines and the wrinkles on my forehead and glabella. I wanted to do something about it. I had read that hyaluronic acid is a substance found in all living organisms and is perfectly safe. Seeing the fine result on a colleague of mine who had had hyaluronic shots, I decided it was time to give it a go. She recommended Dr. Athanasiou. Since my very first visit at Athens – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, I was impressed both by the friendly attitude and service of the staff, and of course by the results of my treatment. I am now very familiar with the premises and feel very close to the personnel who take care of me and are by my side whenever I need advice or treatment.

Nancy, 27 years old

Going through a rhinoplasty procedure was a life decision for which I definitely have no regrets!!! With his knowledge and scientific skills combined, Dr. Athanasiou offered me the best results I could ever imagine: an ideal nose that would perfectly fit my face!! Post-operative care was irreproachable. The personnel of ΑΒΗ plastic surgery centre as well as the facilities represent beauty and well-being. I thank the doctor who helped me a lot with lifting my spirit and changing my entire life.

Irene, 26 years old

When I started thinking about plastic surgery I was very anxious and unaware of the result. When the procedure was finally performed, my life changed: I had perfectly natural breasts and no one can tell they are made of silicon. Congratulations to Mr. Athanasiou!

Lemonia, 57 years old

I am very happy with the service offered by the personnel at the surgery and at the clinic. They were all friendly and stood by me through out my operation. The surgery is perfect!…I am very satisfied with the operation result!… Doctor, you are truly an artist!…God bless your magic hands…! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! Many thanks to the kind anaesthesiologist…!


Dr. A
I wanted to express my gratitude for the surgery on my eyelids. Even though you only promised 60 percent improvement, I actually feel I got 100 percent and for that I thank you. All the swelling is going down and the eyes no longer hurt. When I am completely healed in a couple of months, I will send you a picture. As far as my neck is concerned, well, I will just have to wait until next summer to see If I can handle your big needles again. That plus the cost of course. With thanks, Rosita

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